An author, speaker, and historian, Stan Moore is a husband, father, and grandfather.   A third generation Coloradan, he is a CU grad, a retired small business owner, a Vietnam veteran, a hiker, backpacker, and mountaineer.  He is also an amateur blacksmith.

His email:   stan338@gmail.com


Katie Rides Alone!

Join Katie, a young girl who has adventures riding her horse in the Colorado mountains.  For ages3-8.

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General Pearson's Ship

In about 1900, the British Army bought a quarter of a million horses in the US for their Boer War.  This is a story of desperation and resistance.     

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Other books:

Mister Hamlin's List:   1904 Cripple Creek saw open war between mine owners and the miners' union.    The story is of victims and survivors of those battles.  

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Seesaw, How November '42 Shaped the Future:  In October 1942 The Axis looked astride the world.  The author tells how that month's five campaigns and other developments changed that.  Included are previously unpublished letters and diaries of soldiers in some of the campaigns.  A fresh look at the watershed of the century.   

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Mister Moffat series:    These books chronicle the construction and operations of David Moffat's railroad, from early days to the building of the tunnel named after  him.   Each of these books is freestanding.

Mister Moffat's Road (the early years,1902-1905).  

To purchase Road, visit: https://shop.ingramspark.com/b/084?E4ZAZJcWZeI20f9YgicMDDGLddGGRvZ4YpA0lz3ZMWD 

Mister Moffat's Hill (operations over Rollins Pass, 1905-28).  

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Mister Moffat's Opus (building of the Moffat Tunnel, 1920-28).  

To purchase Opus, visit:  https://shop.ingramspark.com/b/084?rJwAo7RM7D36aarMt4BIkFNl4YkB9i2vhxnJAkfqlNm